​Recognized around the world as the maker of premium medical-grade compression wear, SOLIDEA by Calzificio Pinelli fuses fashion, innovation and impeccable Italian craftsmanship to produce a distinctly unique array of therapeutic garments unparalleled in ultra-high quality and enhanced therapy delivery.

It takes its inspiration from the Italian belief in always presenting oneself at one's very best - an aspiration we likewise share with our customers. Its sophisticated, high-tech designs, from socks and tights to medical shapewear and post-operative solutions, are carefully crafted to meet exacting technical criteria and extensive iatric applications and have earned SOLIDEA a reputation as a respected partner within the global medical community.

Offering sleek and contemporary styles to satisfy even the most discerning men and women, while simultaneously providing both comprehensive and exclusive therapeutic benefits to meet or surpass the needs of the most challenging pathologies, SOLIDEA is the ultimate in medical leg and body wear that can be worn with confidence and pride. Come see what unique and exciting selections SOLIDEA has for you!

Cellulite Control

Innovative technology and 3D yarns combine with softness, practicality and sleekness to create a versatile array of cellulite-fighting garments which stay invisible under clothing. With the extraordinary trump card of a special micromassaging three-dimensional relief fabric, SOLIDEA® produces a true secret weapon against cellulite!

Therapeutic Line

Today you can care for the health of your legs without the need for rigid and unattractive hosiery: SOLIDEA® offers a wide assortment of high-compression garments which are all exceptionally soft and comfortable and designed with an unmatched touch of elegance.

Preventative Line

If preventing is better than treating, then today's prevention is ultra-fashionable thanks to SOLIDEA's® extensive collections: soft and elegant stockings and tights that contribute to the style, femininity and overall well-being of the legs.


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