Code: 0473A5 

Body Lipo

High-waisted, body-hugging and comfortable leggings with hygienic opening that tone and shape the body from ankles to waist. 18/21 mmHg graduated compression and our patented micromassage 3D wave fabric effects a micromassage on the outer tissues to facilitate absorption of swelling and bruises and to help drain cellulite pockets of excess fluid. Skin tissues gradually return to normal and recovery is sped up without formation of relaxation or blemishes. Unrivaled in the reduction and maintenance of lymphedema and lipo-lymphedema and for the relief of lipedema. Excellent for post-operative recovery as well as for the maintenance and prophylaxis of varicose veins and venous insufficiency. A bacteriostatic, moisture-wicking fiber that's power-packed with silver ions keeps skin clean, dry and healthy.







S, M, ML, L, XL

Determining Size​

The assistance of a ​specialist is recommended to measure and find the right size for you. If you plan on measuring it on your own, do it preferably in the morning so that your legs are not as swollen. 


Circumference of the ankle (cB), at the narrowest point. This is the point of maximum pressure.

Circumference of the leg at the highest point reached by the stocking; depending on the model, this will be:

Stockings reaching the groin: the circumference at the point just below the groin (cG);

Half way up the thigh: the circumference at the point half way between the groin and the knee (cF); knee-length stockings: the circumference at the point just below the knee (cD).

The length must be measured from the base of the foot (a) to the highest point reached by the stocking, and it will be, therefore: ​(lG) for tights and stockings up to just below the groin; (lF) for stockings reaching half way up the thigh; ​(lD) for knee length stockings.

Solidea's therapeutic stockings are made using high-tech and innovative yarns that maintain extraordinary elasticity with the passage of time. These features have revolutionized the concept of therapeutic stockings up to now on the market.

Measure limb circumferences at the points described above.