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Magic Maman 70 Sheer (Maternity)

Pamper your changing body from waist to toe with our elegant anti-cellulite maternity pantyhose. Its graduated compression technology helps prevent varicose and spider veins, soothes tired & achy legs and reduces swollen ankles. The patented micro-massage anti-cellulite compression shorts promote blood circulation, reduce water retention, control cellulite and help treat vulvar varicosities. The soft non-constricting waistband embraces the growing belly while providing lower back support. Sanitized® hygiene function for all-day freshness. 12/15mmHg.






S, M, ML, L, XL

How to determine the proper size:​

​​We suggest that you choose the same size you used to wear before pregnancy.

Refer to the following table where the various sizes are defined according to a ratio between height in centimeters (HEIGHT CM) and weight in kilograms (WEIGHT KG).

For example, consider a person who is 163 cm tall and weighs 60 kilograms.

  • Look for the corresponding height on the left side of the table. In this case, 163 cm is in-between 160 and 165 cm.
  • Next, look for the weight on the top of the table. We look for the column with 60 kg.
  • Find the intersection between your desired column and you're desired row, and you're finished

In this example, the size is 2 or M (medium)