What's the difference?

The numbers correspond to the amount of denier (the density of the material used to achieve compression) in each pair of tights. For example, a Venere 140 will feature more compression than a Venere 30.

Micromassage Magic

Magic 30 Sheer, Magic 50 Opaque, Magic 70 Sheer, Magic 140 Sheer

Perfect for all three Solidea categories: Fashion Hosiery, Health and Wellness, and Anti-Cellulite.

This line of stockings is a catch-all!

The Magic line of tights and shorts combine an effective massage with regenerating compression and that constitute a fully qualified specific anti-cellulitis treatment. Clinical studies have shown that the exclusive fabric wave shape, with its special relief knit, exploits natural body movements and exerts a beneficial micromassage on the skin and the subcutaneous layer, stimulating microcirculation that is jeopardized by cellulitis and favoring elimination of fluids, the first cause of blemishing “orange peel” skin.