Night Wellness


The night brings beauty.

On-going research by SOLIDEA leads to a new philosophy in 12/15 mmHg graduated compression thigh highs, specifically designed to be worn while you sleep.

Graduated compression strengthens the physiological reduction of leg girth during sleep. Made with yarn containing a mineral additive that, stimulated by the body's natural thermal energy, converts it into far infrared rays (FIR) and sends it back into the skin tissue for a pleasant temperature-control effect. This action, along with graduated compression, helps reduce leg size, tone up the skin and keep it smooth and velvety while helping to fight cellulite. 

The soft, self-supporting flounce is a world premiere creation by SOLIDEA, made of a new generation of special silicone polymers that are well tolerated by your skin, staying perfectly in place and helping peaceful repose.

Easy to put on, soft and comfortable, wearable during day or night, in romantic pink or mysterious black: surrender to your beauty sleep, wake up with the legs you dream of.

Tone up your legs with an extraordinary reducing effect of 1-2cm or more of leg circumference.

Additionally, Night Wellness Thigh Highs are excellent for use as Anti-Embolism stockings for non-ambulatory patients, pre-operative, post-operative and maternity recovery garments.