What's the difference?

COMFORT LINE is ideal for patients who, due to venous stasis symptoms, have larger legs or often show swollen complications.

The OPEN TOE is perfect for patients with trophic skin problems and in case of hallux valgus.

CCL 1 has a 18/21 mmHg compression

CCL 2 has a 25/32 mmHg compression (higher)

Therapeutic Wonder Model


The new champion in fighting and curing the most severe venous insufficiency (and its complications) while maintaining allure, elegance, silky-smoothness and lightness.

The SOLIDEA THERAPEUTIC WONDER MODEL line of tights are a decisive and very important tool for the therapy of venous insufficiency diseases. They are fundamental in curing phlebologic pathologies, in post-surgical treatment after varicectomy and saphenectomy and in prophylaxis of venous diseases, thrombosis and embolism. Here we have a new concept in hosiery that brings charm and well-being to the world of therapeutic stockings where emphasis is given exclusively to therapeutic properties.

SOLIDEA's new fabric is made using innovative yarns and techniques. It is extremely lightweight and silky, making these highly elastic stockings easier to put on and helping them adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the leg

WONDER MODEL tights of the SOLIDEA THERAPEUTIC line also come with OPEN TOES for patients with diabetes, trophic skin problems and hallux valgus.