Premium Medical Compression Hosiery


Marilyn Therapeutic            (Therapeutic Opaque with Silicone)

Catherine Therapeutic       (Therapeutic Opaque without Silicone)

Monocollant Therapeutic  (Therapeutic Opaque Single-Leg with Belt)


Body Lipo  (Micromassage Bodysuit, Hygienic Opening)

Wendy Midi  (Micromassage Capri Leggings, Hygienic Opening)

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(Graduated Compression from Mid-Calf Upward -

For Non-Ambulatory Convalescence Only)​

Anti-Trombo  (Opaque Thigh Highs)

No-Embol  (Micromassage Thigh Highs)

Medical Anti-Embolism  (Opaque Knee Highs & Thigh Highs)

Monocollant Anti-Thrombo  (Single-Leg with Belt) - Coming Soon!


Introducing the all new 
RED WELLNESS Revolution by Solidea®!

SOLIDEA® introduces new high-tech yarns which fuse Far-Infrared Ray (FIR) mineral technology with medical-grade graduated compression. These velvety-smooth tights improve blood flow in the lower limbs and stimulate micro-circulation of the tissues by helping the skin to maintain its natural body temperature throughout the day.

RED WELLNESS effectively helps bring circulation back to healthy levels and boosts tissue oxygen supplies that will leave your legs feeling energetic all day long!


Arm Care  (Single Sleeve with Place-Holding Half-Sleeve)

Micromassage Arm Bands  (Pair!)

Medical Gauntlet Arm Band  (Single Sleeve with Gauntlet Attached)

Micromassage Gauntlet  (Single Handpiece)

SIlver Wave Slimming Sleeves  (Double Arm Sleeves)


The new challenge for fighting and treating the most severe venous insufficiency and its complications, while maintaining allure, elegance, silky-smoothness and lightness.

The SOLIDEA® THERAPEUTIC line of stockings serve as a very important tool for the therapy of venous insufficiency diseases. They are fundamental in treating phlebologic pathologies, providing post-surgical care after varicectomy and saphenectomy and in the prophylaxis of venous diseases, thrombosis and embolism.


Wonder Model Therapeutic  (Therapeutic Opaque)

Dynamic  (For Men)



Relax Unisex 140  (Cotton!)

Relax Unisex Therapeutic  (Therapeutic Opaque)

Solidea Active  (Micromassing Active Wear Socks)

MICRO RETE (Elegant Micro-Fishnet):

Miss Relax Micro Rete 70 Sheer  (Knee High)

Brigitte Micro Rete 70 Sheer  (Thigh High)

Micro Rete 70 Sheer  (Pantyhose)


Magic Maman  (Pantyhose with Anti-Cellulite Shorts)

Panty Maman  (Anti-Cellulite Shorts)

Wonder Model Maman 70 Sheer  (Pantyhose)

Wonder Model Maman 140 Sheer  (Pantyhose)

Wonder Model Maman 140 Opaque  (Pantyhose)

Future moms are elegant and light when they wear tights from our maternity line of compression stockings. These stockings prevent water retention and swelling of the legs, and support a growing belly with a soft embrace. Constant compression and comfort. 


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Miss Relax Sheer  (Sheer)
Relax Unisex  (Sheer & Opaque)




Marilyn  (Sheer & Opaque)
Night Wellness  (Opaque with Temperature-Control)

Silver Wave Short  (Mid-Thigh Shorts)

Silver Wave Fresh  (Mid-Thigh Shorts, Thinner fabric, Low-rise waist)

Silver Wave High Waist Short  (Mid-Thigh Shorts with High Waist Body Shaper)

Silver Wave Strong  (Knee-Length Shorts)

Silver Wave Corsaro  (Capri-Length Leggings)

Silver Wave Long  (Ankle-Length Leggings)

Silver Wave Abdominal Band  (Shaping Band)

Silver Wave Top  (Shaping Band with Half Sleeves)

SIlver Wave Slimming Sleeves  (Double Arm Sleeves)

Magic Series  (Pantyhose with Anti-Cellulite Shorts) 

Red Wave  (FIR Anti-Cellulite Shorts)
Magic Maman  (Maternity Anti-Cellulite Shorts & Pantyhose)
Uomo  (Men's Anti-Cellulite Briefs)
Solidea Active  (Micromassing Active Wear Socks)


This line of elastocompression joint supports was created by the attention that Solidea gives to well-being, health and ongoing technological innovation. The graduated compression of these sleeves ensures strongest support at the joint itself while gradually releasing towards the edges, thereby providing both stability as well as enhanced circulation. An exclusive silver ion-infused bacteriostatic yarn prevents bacteria from proliferating and impedes the onset of bad odors. They are ideal for sports yet suitable for everyone needing to care for and prevent joint pathologies. 


A secret weapon against cellulite: a full line of shorts, pantyhose and shapewear with micromassaging three-dimensional fabric which combine innovative yarns & technology with softness, practicality and elegance. Available in a variety of compressions and styles, these medical garments improve circulation, prevent venous stasis and drain excess fluids from tissues. Versatile and invisible beneath garments, the anti-cellulite series can be worn with ease during all occasions.

Extraordinary stockings with a close-fitting top made using the latest generation of yarns and technologies, available in class 1 and 2 for the prophylaxis of venous diseases, post-varicectomy and post-sclerotherapy. Solidea has been designed to improve circulation and move accumulated fluid through the deeper vessels and out of the affected area. The Micromassage fabric compression garments are enhanced with a comfortable 3D wave knit on the interior of the fabric. As the body moves, this 3D wave knit expands and contracts on the skin, creating a gentle massage which stimulates the superficial capillaries to move fluid. Alternating between these two types of garments may improve longterm outcome.



Selene  (Classic Opaque)

Venere  (Classic Sheer)
Venere Open Toe  (Sheer, Flip-Flop Style)
Naomi  (Sheer with French Lace)​
Wonder Model  (Sheer & Opaque with Control Top)

Magic  (Sheer & Opaque with Anti-Cellulite Control Top)

Vanity  (Sheer with Low Rise Waist)

Monarch  (Sheer Plus Size)

Red Wellness  (Opaque with Temperature-Control)

Renew your legs with compression stockings that are fashionable, soft and elegant. The preventative action of a lower mmHg graduated compression fights heaviness and swelling in the legs and counteracts venous insufficiency without impacting the sleek appearance of the designs.  

PATTERNED (Pantyhose):

Alisea 70  (Semi-Opaque)

Babylon 70  (Semi-Opaque)

Egypt 70 (Semi-Opaque)

Imbrulia 70  (Semi-Opaque)

Labyrinth 70  (Semi-Opaque)

Marlene Pois 70 Opaque
Rossella 70 Sheer

LACE (Pantyhose):

Chantal 70 Lace

Karen 70 Lace

Margot 70 Lace
Miriam 70 Lace

Rachel 70 Lace
Savannah 70 Lace