What's the difference?

The numbers correspond to the amount of denier (the density of the material used to achieve compression) in each pair of tights. For example, a Venere 140 will feature more compression than a Venere 30.

Red Wellness

Red Wellness 70, Red Wellness 70 Opaque, Red Wellness 140 Opaque​​

Solidea introduces high-tech Infrared Ray yarns that are used towards keeping legs looking lovely and perfectly in shape!

Products in the RED WELLNESS line are made using a special microfibre that concentrates all the beneficial properties of Far Infrared Rays.
This prized yarn contains a mineral additive which, when stimulated by the natural thermal energy of the body, converts it into Far Infrared Rays and reflects the rays back into the skin tissue, generating a pleasant temperature-control effect.

The action of the infrared rays, in perfect synergy with graduated compression, stimulates blood microcirculation of the skins surface and improves blood circulation in the legs, which functions to help reduce cellulite.
Solidea has expertly blended the elegance of tights in velvety microfibre, opaque and in glamorous colours, with the special effect of infrared rays that help fight cellulite.  And we must not forget the key prerogative of Solidea products:  graduated compression, a great gift for the well-being of your legs!

RED WELLNESS, touch them and you feel the velvet-smoothness of the microfibre; wear them and you enjoy the great comfort of graduated compression and the beneficial action of infrared rays.