What's the difference?

The numbers correspond to the amount of denier (the density of the material used to achieve compression) in each pair of socks. For example, a Relax Unisex 140 will feature more compression than a Relax Unisex 70.

Relax Unisex

Relax Unisex 70, Relax Unisex 140, Relax Unisex 140 Open Toe (Punta Aperta)

A unisex line of knee-high socks with a comfortable graduated compression weave and an anti-stress/anti-slip sole. Made for both women and men. Ideal for women who love casual styles and much-appreciated by men who make them an indispensable accessory for both casual and work occasions. Available in a wide range of colors. The special form-fitting shape favors venous return to keep legs rested from morning until night. Available in various classes of compression.