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Code:  0355A5 Silver Wave Long

Silver Wave Long

For a lower body that's slimmed, toned and healthy, try our best-selling Silver Wave Long leggings - they do it all! The secret? A patented, micro-massaging 3D fabric boosts the circulation and also makes cellulite a thing of the past. The special 3D waves on the inner fabric micromassage the outer tissues to reduce leg swelling and help drain cellulite pockets of excess fluid. The graduated compression tones & shapes from hips to ankle, helps fight spider & varicose veins and energizes legs all day long, helping to prevent body heaviness and fatigue. A bacteriostatic, moisture-wicking fiber that's power-packed with silver ions keeps skin clean, dry and healthy. Breathable, cotton gusset. Flat seams. Designed for comfort (to be worn under clothing), these leggings are perfect for the gym or everyday wear. 12/15mmHg.







S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL

How to determine the proper size:

Refer to the following table where the various sizes are defined according to a ratio between height in centimeters (HEIGHT CM) and weight in kilograms (WEIGHT KG).

For example, consider a person who is 163 cm tall and weighs 60 kilograms:

  • Look for the corresponding height on the left side of the table. In this case, 163 cm is in-between 160 and 165 cm.
  • Next, look for the weight on the top of the table. We look for the column with 60 kg.
  • Find the intersection between your desired column and you're desired row, and you're finished! 

In this example, the size is 2 or M (medium)