Therapeutic Dynamic


Research and technology, sober elegance and superb well-being, these are the virtues of these new graduated compression men’s tights.

DYNAMIC by SOLIDEA, ideal for treating venous diseases, suitable for post-varicectomy and post-sclerotherapy prophylaxis and for treating the most evident signs of venous insufficiency.

DYNAMIC: designed to meet the physiological and pathological needs of modern men. It is manufactured using the very latest generation of exclusive yarns, exceptionally soft and elastic, easy to wear and with handy crosswise opening, anti-stress sole and soft waist elastic band.
The bacteriostatic silver ion yarn controls proliferation of bacteria and prevents the onset of bad odors, leaving the skin fresh and dry with a pleasing sensation of well-being. Graduated compression improves circulation in the legs and classifies DYNAMIC as a EC medical device.
Venous insufficiency in men is becoming increasingly widespread and a few prejudices about men’s briefs need to be exploded to the advantage of total well-being, and not only for the legs. SOLIDEA DYNAMIC is the proper answer to health with full respect for male physicality.