Code: Micromassage Armband 0507A5

Micromassage Armbands CCL.1

Micromassage Armbands CCL.1

A pair of 15/21 mmHg seamless armbands that extend from the arm up to the wrist, and features decreasing graduated compression from the wrist to the arm. The micromassaging fabric, combined with natural movements of the arms, stimulates microcirculation for an effective anticellulite action. A supporting flounce made with a new generation of silicone elastomer is well tolerated even by the most sensitive of skin. The yarn contains a mineral additive, which is stimulated by the natural thermal energy of the body, converting this energy into FIR (Far Infrared Rays) and sending it back to the skin tissue to give it a pleasing temperature-control effect. This action strengthens the graduated compression function, stimulating correct venous and lymphatic return and acts effectively to reduce the edema. Suitable for conservative treatment of post-trauma and iatrogenic lymphedema. With Sanitized® hygienic function.






S, M, L, XL

How to determine the proper size:​

To get the most out of your graduated compression armband we recommend measuring arm circumferences as specified in the following table: